The Playtach!

There when you can’t be. Discover a new way to care for and interact with your pet – all from your phone.

Attach to
existing crate

The Playtach was created to fit on almost every crate of any size. Simply attach the device to your existing crate.

See and hear
from anywhere

With the built-in camera and microphone, you can see, hear, and speak back to your furbaby from anywhere. This feature allows you to play music as well. No longer miss your pup throughout the day!

Dispense food
and water

With a touch of a button or done on a set schedule, the Playtach can dispense food and water for your pup anytime from anywhere. You can replace the food and water with an easy refill, so your furbaby never runs out!

Control it all
on the go

With the Interplay mobile app, you can control the food, water, puppy cam, and microphone all from one place. With a tap of a button, you can interact and connect with your pup in seconds!

Playtach Crate Attachment

Turn Your Pup’s Crate Into a Home

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