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Interact with your dog while you’re away from home

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How does Interplay Work

Interplay playTach allows dog owners to see, talk, dispense food, dispense water, open, and close the crate from their phone.

Interplay How it works

Interplay’s Design

The Interplay playTach is designed to help relieve separation anxiety within dogs, and make the lives of dog owners easier.
Interplay Design 1
Interplay Design 1
Interplay Design 1

About Interplay

Our Mission

To ease the lives of busy dog owners through PetTech innovation.


Interplay provides crate attachments that makes life easier for dog owners who want to care for and interact with their dog, while they are away from home. Our dog crate attachment is designed to give dog owners easy access for monitoring, caring for, and interacting with their dog when away. There are over 8 million dog owners who crate their dog. They do not have a way of interacting with their dog when they are away from home. While current dog crates are not operable from smartphones, Interplay will enable dog owners to open and close the crate, see, talk, dispense food and water to their dog from their phone while they are away from home.

Founder & CEO

Interplay Jonaie Johnson

Jonaie Johnson

As a current student at the University of Missouri Kansas City, Jonaie is working towards obtaining her BBA with an emphasis in entrepreneurship. She was selected as UMKC’s 2020 Student Entrepreneur of the Year. She is learning and developing new skills every day that will help successfully launch this venture. She was a pet owner that had this problem, which is why she is passionate about getting this product on the market.

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