The interplay playTach attachment was created for busy dog owners who love their pets but are always on the go. The Interplay playTach attachment enables pet owners to take their dog crate to new interactive heights.

It offers a convenient way to provide interactive time with your pet throughout the day without having to take them on walks or have them sit in their crate while you work.

This device is affordable and easy-to-use, and it’s perfect for all kinds of dogs—from puppies to seniors!

Your dog is your best friend, and they can’t help but love you unconditionally. They are always there in a time of need for companionship and comfort, especially after a rough day. In order to take on the responsibility of caring for your pup, it’s necessary that you have the right tools to provide them with the care they deserve without sacrificing other aspects of your life.

A playTach attachment will allow you to keep your canine friend engaged and show them love while still making time for work, school, errands – basically anything else life throws at us!

The playTach attaches easily to almost any standard rate and provides an interactive experience for dogs and their owners, with video and audio enabled features to talk and see your pet with the tap of your screen on your mobile app.

Join the waitlist today to get early access to the Interplay playTach crate attachment and never feel guilty about not giving your pup the attention it deserves.