After hundreds of hours talking with dog owners, hearing their frustrations about the current products available and their lack of time they have to spend with their pet, interplay knew there was a huge need for the playTach crate attachment, an idea Jonaie’s had since day 1.

As we open up for beta testing, we’re excited to make this new product available to those that need it the most. As a dog owner, you know that sometimes your pup can get bored and need some extra stimulation. Interplay is an interactive dog crate attachment designed with both the dog and the dog owner’s needs in mind so they can feel loved and can be fed without getting into trouble when they are left alone at home. With a variety of features including food and water dispensing, and audio and video playback, Interplay provides an interactive experience for the best crate experience imaginable.

In the spirit of “dog is man’s best friend” we’ve been working out some new ideas to make crating your dog a more interactive experience. We’re excited to share our Beta launch of Interplay, which is designed for you and your pup! With Interplay, you’ll be able to interact with your pup in-crate on their level like never before! This innovative app enabled crating experience will help strengthen the bond between humans and dogs all over the world. Never feel guilt about leaving your dog at home because you can now talk to them and see them at the tap of your screen.

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